Top 8 Best Solar Path Lights for Your Home: Brightest Options

Moonrays LED Metal Path Light

Best Overall

SolarGlow LED Solar Path Lights

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

EcoCity Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights

Stainless Steel

Looking for the best solar path lights? Our top pick for the best solar path lights are the Moonrays Solar LED Metal Path Lights. Not only do they provide ample light, but they are made to last.

From stainless steel frame to lifetime warranties, we handpicked the best products on the market. Nothing creates a beautifully lit pathway and solves the problem of low-visibility better than elegant and easy-to-install garden light solar. Our top pick provides the brightest light with an attractive design.

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With a bronze body and glass lens, the durability and sturdiness of the Moonrays LED Metal Path Light immediately jump out at you. It offers illumination that is far brighter than the standard path light, with 30 lumens of these ultra-bright LED bulbs.

The height is 18.5 inches, taller than any of our other picks. That improves its stability and visibility. These are by far the brightest lights on this list and surpass the vast majority of the solar products we reviewed, with a radius of up to 4 feet

On the downside, these lights have a shorter illumination time and a limited warranty. We also thought that the construction of some of the internal parts was flimsy. These path lights make up for this with their brightness.

All in all, Moonrays have the brightest bulbs available with an excellent illumination radius. It’ll provide reliable light in your garden.



As the #1 best seller in the ‘Outdoor In-Ground Lights’ category on Amazon, the SolarGlow LED Solar Path Lights were a natural choice for our list.

These solar path lights are always going to hold their own against the rest of the competition with a classic design and availability in multiple colors. They are some of the longest-lasting LED lights we reviewed, with a bright, 15 lumens illumination.

Though we initially considered these path lights solely due to their high ratings and status as a top-selling item, it quickly became apparent that it represented value and quality that was worth considering for garden lighting solar.

​Though weather-resistant, we had some reservations about the ABS plastic construction and its durability. Overall, these path lights are a value-priced item that delivers bright light.



The EcoCity Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights are attractive path lights that are both aesthetically pleasing and affordably priced. They are one of the least expensive of the products in our lineup, with 12 lights in a package.

The lights are durable and made out of stainless steel, giving it decent weather resistance and sleek design. With eight hours of illumination time, these lights compete with any other on the list. This product is the best option for someone looking for both practicality and value for garden lighting.

Although not the tallest, brightest, or longest-lasting, these lights provide a unique aesthetic effect with the combination of stainless steel, modern design, and warm white light. They are affordable and offer a pleasant ambiance. They stand out more for looks than effective nighttime illumination.



The Enchanted Spaces Solar Light stands out as a charming solar garden light. The design of the lens creates a beautiful effect and adds to its aesthetic value. It has a bronze body that is both lightweight and durable. It has a 4 square foot illumination radius, which we attributed to its 16-inch height.

The warm white light is limited yet adequate. They come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and replacement policy. These well-made, attractive path lights are certainly worth considering for aesthetically-pleasing and effective lighting that are durable. That makes them an excellent value for garden lighting.



The GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights are attractive lights not just for their good looks but for the pattern created by its ripple glass lens. They have a bronze metal finish that is weatherproof. They stand 19 inches above the ground with a 5.3-inch lantern-shaped top. There is a mini solar panel, positioned to capture the most sunlight.

The illumination time on these Gigalumi solar light are decent at 8 hours and even up to 10 hours. Each of the six lights is 10 lumens, which gives it a pleasant warm glow that is fitting for the design. They are easy to assemble and install in your garden or along a path.



The Oak Leaf Stainless Steel Solar Light is an excellent value with a 12-pack priced the same as many six-packs, making it among the better deals on our list. The product has a durable, weatherproof stainless steel construction. Aesthetically, we liked these lights. They have typical charge time. All make them worth a look for budget-minded buyers.

The light stands 14 inches tall above the ground with average LED bulbs. The illumination is adequate and not the brightest of the products we reviewed. However, the solar lights are attractive with a warm white light that is pleasing. They are stainless steel with a modern-looking design that will fit in nicely with your garden landscaping.



The Beau Jardin Solar Lights, with the company’s fitting name, are among the more resilient and weather-resistant of our options, thanks to their durable and high-quality construction. They are made of stainless steel with a waterproof glass lens. They have an impressive IP rating of 65 to ensure they are truly weather-proof to protect both the lights and the batteries.

Each of the eight lights are 6 lumens, giving them a fair amount of illumination. They are a bit spendy than comparable products. However, the design is attractive with a well-placed solar panel on the top of each one. The lighting pattern is pleasing too. They stand just under 17 inches tall. They provide a cool white light in contrast to other products that go toward the warm side of the spectrum.



The GardenBliss Solar Lights caught our eyes with their smooth curves and sleek design. They would make a beautiful addition to any garden. Unlike other products we reviewed, you can adjust the height to either 8 or 12 inches if you want them to sit closer to the ground. These path lights are completely sealed, making them waterproof too. Customer support is excellent too.

The manufacturer for these path lights back up their product with a money-back guarantee on your purchase and a 30,000-hour lifespan on the LEDs. On the downside, the illumination isn’t bright at only 2.4 lumens for each light. Combined with the shorter height, we think that the best use for this is to light up a garden instead of a path.



Our Top Picks for Solar Garden Lights

  1. Best Overall: Moonrays LED Metal Path Light
  2. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: SolarGlow LED Solar Path Lights
  3. Stainless Steel Solar Lights: EcoCity Outdoor Solar Pathway Lights
  4. Star Shaped Lighting Effect: ​Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Light
  5. Attractive Lighting Pattern: GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights
  6. Best Budget Solar Lights: Oak Leaf Stainless Steel Solar Path Light
  7. Most Durable Solar Path Light: Ohuhu Stainless Steel Solar Path Lights
  8. Weatherproof Lighting: LampLust Solar Stainless Steel Path Lights

Reviews of the Best Solar Path Lights

Quality in the best solar-powered path lights is hard to find. How often have you been mowing your grass just to run over the light with it snapping in two? You can be avoided with a sturdy, durable lighting option.

There’s an easy fix—a series of best solar pathway lights that illuminate something brightly and look good at the same time.

We’ve put together a list of best solar path lights that each has a claim to the title of “best.” Some offer value for money. Others are exceptionally bright and some of the brightest. There are also some that just look good.

How Do the Best Solar Walkway Lights Work?

These solar powered devices work the same as other products that use a regular battery. You place one inside of the light which will store the energy provided by the sun and captured by a solar panel to charge it. Many use one-time use alkaline or rechargeable ones with nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, or lithium-ion.

The solar powered lights have a sensor that detects changes in the ambient light to trigger it to automatically turn on and illuminate the surrounding area. Most take around eight hours to full charge. However, the time is dependent on the amount of direct sunlight the solar panel receives. Battery life is definitely something you want to take into account.

Sunlight provides the energy instead of DC or AC power. It brings recharging to the table to make them an ideal option that is hands-off—literally. It took over 100 years to find its way to the mainstream marketplace, but the results are impressive.

You’ll also see path lights that are directly wired and bypass the recharging. The best solar path lights put convenience first by eliminating the need to swap out spent batteries or wires with an automatic charge. That makes them an ideal choice for your garden or backyard.

solar lights along a path

Features of the Best Solar Pathway Lights

The prices for solar walkway lights range across the board, depending on the number, style, construction, and luminescence. You’ll find products to fit any type of landscaping.

Some features are aesthetic and don’t necessarily speak to the product’s performance. Things to look for include:

  • Type of light bulb
  • Lumens
  • Color temperature
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Other considerations
  • Battery life

We’ll discuss each one in detail.

Type of Light Bulb

The best solar path light has evolved from incandescent to halogen to fluorescent, which coincided with the change in the power source and evolving technology.

Today’s products strike a balance with cost, longevity, and practicality. All of these things put LEDs on the map when looking for the best solar path lights.

The ideal solar powered devices optimize energy use with a minimal amount of heat dissipation. That last factor is crucial since it means that most of the power goes to the light instead of dispersing into the immediate area with no return.

In other words, you get the biggest bang for the buck.


Lumens are one of several specs you’ll find on the label of the top-rated best solar-powered lights. It’s more useful than wattage because it tells you what you can expect for brightness. That’s what you need to know with LED lights.

The higher the number, the greater the illumination. However, it’s not always a clear cut matter of more is better. Bright ones are an excellent choice if they’re not too close to your home. Remember that most will stay on during the night hours—when you’re asleep.

single solar path light in front of house A reasonable range for the best LED solar pathway lights is about 20 lumens. Typically, these products usually come in a multi-pack of six or more. And if you have a long walkway, you’re probably going to buy an extra set or two.

The combined total will give you a soft glow that gets the job done without being intrusive or glaring.

All of these factors relate to the ultimate purpose of path lights. Their function is to illuminate the places where you need to walk and add to the aesthetics of your yard. A security or floodlight, on the other hand, has a different use and typically isn’t on for the whole night.

Color Temperature

The color temperature became an essential feature when the federal government made the move from incandescent to CFLs and LED bulbs.

Initially, the latter came in only cool or blue light temperatures which created a light that replicates sunlight but disrupts normal circadian rhythms and thus, sleep.

It was the proverbial double-edged sword. The stark white light proved an inappropriate choice for indoor lighting, especially in homes and other relaxed settings.

solar path light at night On the positive side, they provided an excellent light source where a bright source was a benefit, such as in offices and retail stores.

However, the same objections reared their ugly head with outdoor lighting. Warm lights offer a preferable option that adds to the hominess of your yard.

You can make a wise choice by checking out the temperature in Kelvin of the solar pathway lights. The warm side of the spectrum is under 3000 degrees K. It’s an excellent option for lights you’ll use for outdoor lighting around your patio or garden.

If safety is your primary concern, you’ll do better with products on the daylight end with temps approaching 5000 degrees K. The light is brighter and more noticeable, making it appropriate for these uses.

Design of the Best Solar Lights for Pathways

There are a lot of subjective aspects that come into the question of the construction of the best solar path lights. However, there are other things to look for that can affect the product’s performance and overall satisfaction.

Examine the light to find out the location and number of solar panels. Given its likely placement, you’ll see that most have them on the top. It’s an essential trait to note. Battery life can also place a huge role in the effectiveness of your solar path lights.

solar walkway lights along a deck It means that you’ll get the best use if you place them with the panel in an open area where they can receive the most sunlight to recharge the batteries.

Some more expensive models can capture sunlight from all around the top with multiple panels. It ensures a reliable recharge in a variety of conditions.

You’ll also see newer solar powered products that have a different type of solar panel that captures sunlight effectively even in low light conditions.


You get what you pay for, as the old adage goes. The same thing applies to the best solar path lights. Consider both the materials of the light enclosure, fixture and solar panel.

You’ll find the best solar path lights with tempered glass or plexiglass. There are ones with textures or patterns which can add to the interest factor and make them more of a feature for your yard. Clear is preferable to opaque if brightness is a consideration.

Others have stainless steel or other metals as the main component. Stronger materials are vital for placing them, especially if your yard has denser clay soils. Inexpensive solar-powered devices often are made of ABS plastic. While weather-resistant, they are also easier to break. Since these solar path lights will be outside you will want them to be durable.


Where you put your light is imperative no matter what the brightest solar path lights reviews say otherwise. It’s the main source of customer complaints.

solar lights along a cement path Solar path lights must get several hours of direct sunlight every day if you expect them to get a full charge and work properly.

It’s not the fault of the seller or manufacturer. It’s the nature of the beast. Many merchants try to avoid issues by stating this info clearly in the product description. Follow their recommendations. It’s the single best way to get the most out of your purchase. If the lights come on but are dim, it might be a battery issue.

Bear in mind that winter temperatures will also affect the battery life of your solar path lights. It’s more of an issue if you live in a northern area. After all, it’s a struggle during this time of year just to get enough sunlight exposure to meet your body’s need for vitamin D let alone getting the lights fully charged.

Guarantees and Warranties

We prefer products that come with some kind of guarantee and preferably, a warranty. These terms speak volumes about the manufacturer’s confidence in what they sell.

To us, it’s a no-brainer.

Most retailers will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee for defects of workmanship. It should work out-of-the-box. Period.

Many sellers put the no-questions-asked or satisfaction-guarantee title on these solar path lights, which we like to see. We prefer items that have extended time lengths so that we can properly evaluate its performance.

solar light in the dark Warranties are the cream of the crop. It’s an attractive selling point. However, make sure to read the terms. And don’t forget to hold onto your original receipt. Pay attention to the fine print. Beware of sellers that attach a lot of conditions and extra fees with returns.

Getting the Most Out of Your Purchase

With all of these factors in mind, you need to keep some other things in mind to get the most out of your purchase.

Correct Placement

Check the radius along with the lumens and temperature of the individual lights to help guide your placement of the individual pieces. You’ll see this figure typically expressed as a range. That means you’ll need to space them this distance apart for a continuous path of light. This will also ensure the lights come on at night.

We’d equate this task for things like spacing plants or buying curtains. You’ll need more than you think. And believe us. It’s not overkill. It’s the best way to use them.

If in doubt, follow the advice of carpenters everywhere and measure twice, cut once.

Keep Spares on Hand (Fully Charged)

If it’s your first time using the best solar path light, do yourself a favor and keep extra batteries on hand to gauge how the charging will work with your setup.

Although they automatically turn off, it still be a drain on the batteries. It’s far better to be prepared than to be stuck in the dark, especially if it’s a safety precaution.

10 Crucial Tips: Best Solar Path Lights

First, ensure your batteries are fully charged. Solar path lights need to get three days of direct sunlight to charge batteries completely before you use them the first time.

Second, don’t make this newbie mistake. Take the protective plastic screen off of the solar panel before use and charging. Its purpose is to protect the fixture during shipping.

solar path lights in a garden Third, only apply the least amount of force on the base as necessary to insert into the ground. The light fixture can break, especially if it is made of lesser quality materials. Soften the soil with water if needed.

Fourth, not all products have the same level of customer service. Double-check before purchasing if you are satisfied with the return and warranty policies. This extra step before laying out the cash can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Fifth, clean solar panels and adjust placement as needed if they appear to be losing brightness. Give them the best chance to provide you with the best performance from your solar path light.

Sixth, if you live where the winter gets snow, consider storing lights during this time of year to ensure they continue to last multiple summers. You’ll get the longest lifespan with your purchase and the biggest return on your investment.

Seventh, remember that If the lights are receiving different amounts of direct sunlight, they will not all illuminate at the same brightness. You’ll likely have a limited amount of control over this factor. Keep it on the radar if you notice inconsistencies in performance.

Eighth, some lights will allow quick access to the batteries. Replacing batteries in your solar path lights can prolong the longevity of the lights. Solar powered lights only work as good as the battery does.

Ninth, understand that the sun will change its angle throughout the change of the seasons which in turn, affects the light output. The performance will likely vary during the year. Solar powered lights need optimal peak sun hours.

And finally, take a second to understand lumens and their range to match your lighting needs.

What Makes the Brightest Solar Path Lights?

When it comes to solar powered lighting, we all have different needs. We kept that in mind when weighing the above options for the best solar path lights.

brand new solar lights If brightness is your priority, then we recommend either the Moonrays or the Solar Glow, generating 30 and 15 lumens respectively, outdoing by far the alternatives. That also ups the safety factor if that’s essential. They are sure to light the way and illuminate the path for you or your guests with the optimal brightness. Solar powered lights can be a game-changer when used correctly and these are the best solar path lights you can find.

The Enchanted Spaces option, meanwhile, can compete when it comes to illuminating a path with its 4-square-foot radius, surpassing much of the competition and thereby earning an honorable mention for brightness.

Final Thoughts About the Best Solar Path Lights

Ultimately, our choice came down to price. And for the money, the Moonrays is our all-round best option for solar lights for gardens. These solar powered lights are just awesome.

The unique design offers stability and security, while its bright solar LED and understated style provide both illumination with an attractive aesthetic quality.

Though the Enchanted Spaces and the SolarGlow were close in the running, we think that for value and quality there is very little topping these stable, elegant, and effective Moonrays solar path lights.

Overall, solar path lights offer an affordable way to illuminate dark areas in your yard for safety and improved aesthetics. Our lineup of products gives you some excellent choices for making the most of your space and the benefits that the best solar light can provide.

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